An Online Disease Diagnosis System for your animals

Goat grazing

An expert system that identifies the livestock diseases on the basis of clinical signs

Ruminants in town

A user friendly system that can be used by any literate

Welcome to Mera Maweshi

Mera Maweshi is an expert system that can diagnose the common diseases of four livestock animals buffalo, cattle, goat and sheep. The system diagnosis the suspected disease after collecting different symptoms through an easy to use interface. After diagnosis, the user is also given the suggestion about the possible treatment of the disease.

The design is in two languages i.e. English and Urdu. It has quite simple and user friendly interface, so that any literate person may use it. The mobile application is also available which is downloadable on any android device.

The diagnosis is quite efficient but yet if a novel case arrives and the system is unable to handle it, then it can share the nearest veterinary doctor's information with the user. Then the user can contact him directly.